Friday, 27 September 2013

MSc Web Science: Week 0

FPSE Faculty Welcome 2013/Tim O'Riordan ©2013/CC BY 2.0 UK

Monday, 23 September

Faculty Welcome
  • Electronics and Computer Science (Prof Neil White - Head of ECS) - "we're research-focused"
  • The Optical Research Centre (Prof Rob Eason - Deputy Head of ORC) - "we're dedicated to Photonics", "there's going to be an Internet 'capacity crunch' in 2020"
  • Jumpstart 2013  (Joyce Lewis) - "I will contact you by email"
  • Health and Safety  (Mike Bartlett) - "the Mountbatten Building burned down in 2005 - and they're still talking about it"
  • Jumpstart Challenge (Trishia Poplawska) - "an opportunity to get to know each other"

Tuesday, 24 September

MSc Welcome
  • Prof Kees De Groot, Prog Director
  • Practice past exams (available on sussed)
  • Use mentors.

  • Andy 'Biscuits' Newton
  • STACS (Student Teaching & Computing Support)
  • x24494 59/3207
  • Free software/hardware loans
  • Help with coursework, programming help, coding support, projects
  • They want to be given complicated programming questions
  • Free virtual machines for projects
  • "Learn Linux"
  • See:

  • Academic Integrity
  • Mark Zwolinski,  Deputy Head ECS Education
  • 2 students were ejected for plagiarism in 2012/13
  • See:

  • Faculty student office team
  • B59 reception.
  •, X22909

  • Eric Cooke, ECS Senior Tutors
  • email stutor (ask at zepler reception)
  • 12 modules, 6 per semester = 120 credits
  • pass mark 40%, must average 50% to progress to dissertation

  • Fiona Nichols, Library
  • see:
  • subject guide>ecs>info skills>taught msc> 
  • 10 October - searching for pg’s
  • ECS books are on level 3 Hartley
  • Delphis - single search incls. journal articles

MSc Web Science Welcome
  • Met: Dr Sepi Chakaveh (ex Fraunhofer Society - "reading data files changes the arrangement of bits in the file") and Manuel León, a  researcher who is starting first year of PhD exploring the use and reception of MOOCs by academics.
  • Ice breaker:
    Circle - toss ball of string around and give name, subject and 'fun fact' about yourself (my fun fact: I have no 'fun facts' - then immediately thought of several).
  • Team building:
    - Support a tennis ball as close to the ceiling as possible using items measuring no more than 30cms.
    - What extra curricula activities can WS do?
    Team 4 ideas
  • Les Carr: Don't have to attend all lectures (these will be pointed out); Claire Wyatt is the fount of all knowledge; "Conferences are work - not 'holidays'"
  • Not all WS MSc's are on Facebook

Thursday, 26 September


Introduction to Digital Literacies Champions
  • Lisa Harris
  • Voluntary but some paid project work
  • Curation of archive for uni events
  • Media creation competition - winner goes to Digital Media Europe 2014
  • 'Literacies’ viewed from marketing/business perspective. Reputation?
  • It should be more about reputation building - so use rss feeds, google scholar updates,, twitter, facebook, linkedin, wordpress blog (week notes), google apps (video, rss, screen capture). Think of it as building a portfolio...
  • Mozilla is collaborating with the world to develop an open badge ecosystem that makes it possible to recognize skills, literacies, and interests across the web. 
  • Looking for project ideas that DCs can help with.
  • Volunteers to revamp website.
  • Meeting: 30 September. Practicalities of being a DC - with Fiona Harvey.
  • Workshop: 2 October. Use phones to create video - with Simon Morice.
  • Creative Digifest: 19 November at Grand Harbour Hotel

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